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Loose Ends had several urban contemporary hits with tracks such as “Hanging on a string” reaching no.1 in the U.S charts and no.13 in the U.K charts, also “Slow Down” reaching no.27 in the U.K charts and no.1 in the U.S charts. Loose ends are the first British R&B band to have a no.1 gold selling Album in the U.S and going on to sell millions.

Carl McIntosh a musician, singer, song-writer & producer, has a passionate and soulful approach to music production that has made him one of the most in demand producers of recent times, working with Five Star, Caron Wheeler and Ruth Joy to mention a few. In 1989 the latter two left the group and Carl McIntosh went on to produce the “Look How Long” album released in 1990, with the hit single “Don’t be a fool” reaching no.13 in the U.K charts and no.10 in the U.S charts.

At this present time Carl is writing his Autobiography and working on his new more upbeat/experimental album, which is shaping up to be another gold seller.